Wood Lea Parkham Development

Wood Lea Parkham

We are delighted to introduce a select development of only nine new traditionally built 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and bungalows.

Currently all our homes at Wood Lea are reserved or sold. Contact our agent to go on the reserve list.

To contact our selling agent, Morris Bott Tel 01237 459998

or email [email protected]

Currently all these properties are RESERVED or SOLD

Call our agent to put your name on the reserve list

PLOT Description Availability
1 3 bedroom bungalow SOLD
2 3 bedroom bungalow Reserved
3 3 bedroom bungalow Reserved
4 2 bedroom house for locals only SOLD
5 2 bedroom house SOLD
6 3 bedroom house SOLD
7 4 bedroom house SOLD
8 4 bedroom house SOLD
9 3 bedroom bungalow SOLD